After major flood rescue operations in a prominent metro in India, a lot of people wanted to pay their gratitude to the armed forces, by giving back to them. But only a very few knew how to.

From cross-border operations to natural disaster relief, the armed forces have been a substantial force. They’ve been an integral aspect towards the safety and development of our country. While they’re out there, guarding us from any forms of threat, they too face a few personal difficulties.

VIR is a platform that connects with patriotic, like-minded business enterprises. From providing jobs to getting more footfall. VIR is a one-stop platform that connects your businesses with the families of the armed forces. To know more visit

VIR is India’s first exclusive online platform for the armed and paramilitary forces. The initiative aims to connect business establishments to the military community.

If you own a business, a restaurant or retail outlet, and are willing to show your support become a VIR Partner now.


Connecting The Armed Forces to Patriotic Business Operations VIR India

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