You’re just a few clicks away from becoming a VIR Member and taking advantage of all the offers, discounts and privileges we’ve lined up for you.


Who can Register

You are eligible to sign up as a primary member if you are,



Ex-Service Personnel of all ranks who have retired from the Indian Armed Forces and the Indian Paramilitary.


Personnel of all ranks currently serving in the Indian Armed Forces and the Indian Paramilitary.


How to Register


Visit – select ‘Become a Member’.


  • Fill the fields and click on submit.
  • Remember to use a Referral Voucher Code to enable FREE membership
  • You can get the referral code from a colleague / friend who is already a member
  • You can write to us at [email protected] for further information
  • VIR will do some basic checks on data correctness and approve your membership.
  • On receipt of the approval mail, please login using your Mail-Id and set your password. Use the link in the approval mail.
  • You can now begin using your VIR membership to access the privileges and offers.


Using VIR-Advantage

  • VIR has tied up with Advantage Club to host all the vendor partners with the associated offers.
  • Access to the VIR-Advantage Web-App or Mobile-App is automatic and seamless and does not require any additional logins. 
  • Access to VIR-Advantage platform is thru

Verification Process

The only verification we ask for is a letter signed by a higher ranking officer or your bank manager. This process is mandatory and has been put in place to prevent civilian misuse of the VIR platform. 

We do not ask for any KYC details. (No ID card verifications).

The document need not be uploaded if you are using a Referral Voucher code. This referral code is through an invitation form an existing member.


Add-on Members

Primary members are eligible to add up to 4 dependents as add-on members to their VIR Membership.


  • Spouse of a primary member
  • Dependent children under 24 
  • Parents of the Primary member

Add-on members can be added by the primary members once their membership is approved and activated.


Referral Program

VIR currently offers a program through which eligible members can obtain a free membership.

This referral code can be obtained through an invitation form an existing member.

Those without a referral code can register for a paid membership plan.