In the last 45 years, “Pratap” a twin turbine Mi-8 helicopter has been the lifeblood of helicopter operations of the Indian Air force. Covering itself with glory during countless operations across mountains, glaciers, deserts and the plains. From flying indefatigable missions in Siachen, to scientific expeditions in the Antarctica, the Mi-8 proved its versatility and reliability over the last four and half decades.


Mi-8 Pratap Vir India

Fondly called Pratap by the IAF, it has an emotional bond with the men who flew this machine. After almost half a century of flight, it’s finally time to bid adieu to this engineering marvel. The Mi-8 may have lost the battle to better technology today. Nevertheless, in its time, it won numerous battles and the hearts of those who knew this machine intimately. Goodbye Pratap, you are indelibly engraved in the history of a grateful nation.

VIR India also joins in bidding farewell to this ubiquitous workhorse, as it forever flies into a golden sunset.

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